ChewToy's Fancy Cross Stitch Pattern

Tabitha's Welcome - $8.00 CAD

Size on 14 count -
11.7 in. (30cm) 7.5 in (19cm)
Picture this smiling tabby cat, curled up beside a doll's tea set and polka dot plant, welcoming you and your visitors to your home. The cat, Tabitha, is not supposed to be up on the furniture of course, but we all know that cats do exactly as they please. An antique coverlet, in soft faded colours, creates a dramatic background for a large bold welcome. The colours are designed in antique shades of blue, green and rose, to compliment that old fashioned look. If you wish to make a bolder statement, you can choose stronger, deeper colours, perhaps in tones of red, forest green and terra cotta, or use earth tones of gold, terra cotta, and burgundy. You may wish to mat and frame this piece and hang it in your front hall. You may also wish to stitch it on 8 or 10 count cloth and turn it into a throw pillow for your favourite chair.