ChewToy's Fancy Cross Stitch Pattern

I Love To Stitch - $8.00 CAD

Size on 14 count -
14.4 in. (36cm) 7.8 in (20cm)
Many of us can get lost for hours in the creation of beautiful crafts by hand. Needlework is both soothing and satisfying (ans sometimes frustrating), but the creation of beautiful things is our reward. While some crafters specialize in one particular craft, others try a variety as celebrated in this cross stitch pattern.
The knitting square depicts a colourful sweater pattern featuring hearts on a striped background. A pin cushion, thimble, buttons and an old fashioned cardboard wheel of thread represent the sewing craft. A border of flying geese and a windmill are featured in the min-quilt. Finally, a bouquet of roses and forget-me-nots are cross stitched on fabric stretched on an embroidery hoop accompanied by stork scissors and floss spools. You can cross stitch the entire pattern or stitch each square individually to decorate your craft bag, small pouch or favourite shirt!