ChewToy's Fancy Cross Stitch Pattern

Love Bunnies - $8.00 CAD

Size on14 count -
11.5 in. (29.2cm) 16.4 in (41.2cm)

Weddings are a very special time in our lives and our anniversaries celebrate the renewal of our love each year. This sampler is designed to honour both of these occasions. The idea for this wedding couple originated with my sister's wedding. IN pure fun, I dressed up a cute white bunny and companion grey rat, as a bride and groom and used them as a table decoration. For this sampler I chose to depict the groom as a rabbit to match his fair damsel.

The entire sampler is frames in pink lace, and embellished with blue ribbons and flowers. If you wish, you may substitute a different set of colours for the lace, ribbons and letters. You might want to choose a medium blue background with white or ecru lace and pink ribbons, or a white background with blue lace and pink ribbons. Feel free to use your imagination to create a sampler that is truly yours, or designed as a very special gift for someone you know.