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award winning collector quality original teddy bears

awards and recognitions

binkibears was featured regional contact on october 20/2007 on ctv ottawa !!! many thanks to kathy donavon and her wonderfull staff for an excellent segment!!

thank you for your support! willie has won 3rd place in his categoty!!

2006 ursa awards
teddy tote - 3rd place 2006 ursa awards
mitzi - amigurumi 5th place 2006 ursa awards

we have a winner!!!
i am pleased to introduce fiona and the frog prince who won the dean's choice ace award in 2005 !!!

meet the funcky bear family - read their story
this couple is also featured in the new
www.bearsandbuds.com website

kringles was featured in the december 2004 issues of both teddy bear review and teddy bears and friends.
wowzer was my entry into the teddy bear review design challenge. although he did not win one of the top five places, he was featured in the creativity with color section in the october 2004 issue.

planet teddy bear has selected me as artist of the month for may 2004. they describe me as aina ferris, up and coming artist of binkibears.

i am thrilled to have won the ace award from e-bearz university for excellence in teddy bear design with my little bear blue. this award was awarded on october 1, 2003, by nancy tillberg, dean of the university. blue and the other winners were featured in the fall issue of the candian teddy bear news and on thier web site - www.teddybearnews.com
binkibears are designed by award winning artists aina ferris. they are original designs lovingly created out of the finest quality materials. many hours are devoted to ensuring that binkibears go out to face the world with a sparkle in their eyes, love in their hearts and a signature bee in their ear.