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meet chewtoy

when i was looking for a name for my company i wanted something original. the word fancy has connotations of fancy work, something nice, etc. which i hope my work represents. but that does not answer why this lovely cat is named chewtoy.

this is billie. her mother is a jack russel, and her father was a blue healer. billie has the colouring of her father and the intelligence and high energy of her mother. when we first got chewtoy as a kitten, billie decided that the kitten was for her own entertainment. billie would hold the kitten down with a paw and nuzzle and lick her with the kitten lying on her back, batting at the dog and purring up a storm. so the name chewtoy came to mind. the kitten loved it. she would get all wet and spiky and would purr up a storm.

this is cisco. she is the jack russel who gave birth to billie. we call them cisco and billie the kid. cisco knows how to relax and she loves to find the comfiest place in the house to sleep, even if she is not allowed to sleep there. she does not see why that should stop her.

this is chewtoy with erin, her daughter, also known as purrbags. erin was raised as an only child and is extremely loving. she and her mum always like to test drive a new quilt or anything else i leave on my sewing table.