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Award Winning Collector Quality Original Teddy Bears
New Funcky Bears

This rose means these Funcky Bears have moved into their new hugs. However, if any of these should appeal to you, orders are available.
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TRUFFLE is a sweet little vanilla coloured funcky style bear with strawberry pink accents on her feet, paws and nose, topped with a pink ribbon bow. She stands 7" tall and has a long nose, big feet and a very full tummy. She adores vanilla ice cream with strawberries and eats some every day. She does not mind if she gets a fat tummy. $90.
FAIRY is a FUNCKY BEAR who is all dressed up in her bigger sister's lovely pink and purple sweater. She loves to go outside and play in the crisp fall air and needs to be warm and cozy, especially with snow in the air. $100.
CHICHI is a funcky bear made from winter white yarn who loves all things about the orient. She wears a black wig, accented by a perky little bow which coordinates with her skirt, which in turn is made from a fabric with an oriental flair. Her belly button matches her clothing. She loves to go to Chinese food buffets where she can indulge in her favourite foods. She has an endearing little pot belly and big feet. $90. SOLD










BENJAMIN BARTHOLOMEW BURKHOLZT BROWN THE THIRD is a bashful lion who is quite shy and is not very sociable. Just call me Benji he says. He is a member of the Funcky Bear family and loves to just lay in the sun and day dream. He has an endearing little pot belly and big feet. $90. SOLD
ALBERT is a very traditional kind of Funcky bear. He is made from a basic grey colour, and wears white knee socks and black shoes. He has spiffed up his look with a lovely hand knit blue sweater accented by greens and orange. His sweater is a bit big for him because he has borrowed I from his older brother. He like to go walking in a cool windy fall day which is why he needs to be warmly dressed. $100.
BANDERO is a sweet little grey funcky style bear with yellow accents on his feet, paws and nose, topped with a golden ribbon bow. He stands 7" tall and has a long nose, big feet and a very full tummy. His favorite food is bananas and his favorite colour is yellow. He is a mischief maker, so watch out for that. $90.
BELL and VIOLET are members of the FUNCKY BEAR FAMILY. They are ballerinas with ribbon skirts and sparkly tiaras. They are currently dancing in the chorus line but are hoping to be chosen in a staring part in the next ballet. $90. each. SOLD

NOTE: This mini rose means they have already been adopted. However if you are interested, I would be pleased to make you a similar bear on special order.

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